Retailers We Love — White Rabbit

Hop on over to White Rabbit as we feature them for today's #RetailersWeLove.

This Lynnwood shop loves its customers, so much so, they are on a first name basis. Teresa Chilelli-White, Owner and Founder, describes the store atmosphere similar to Cheers, where everyone knows your name. "Everyone is happy, laughing, having a good time, and we're not high!" she laughs.

White Rabbit prides itself on having a diverse selection of product. Their joints range from $4.50 to $18 andgrams from $9 to $22. They have low THC and high THC, low CBD and high CBD. "If someone comes in our store," she says, "we want there to be something for everyone."

Teresa prefers to light up her moments with a vaporizer. She says you get a better flavor from vaping than combusting the flower. When Teresa feels lazy, she'll smoke out of her bong, made by Special K Glass and available at White Rabbit. "Special K bongs are not only beautiful and handmade, but the artist gets his recycled glass from Marysville," she said, " these bongs, the month pieces fit well, they smoke well, they hold a good amount of water and they sit at a good angle."

Teresa sees the future of cannabis growing, just like our plants. She says the cannabis stigma is starting to fade and with time it'll become more mainstream. Teresa also hopes the WSLCB will decrease taxes to help eliminate the black market and keep consumers safe. "People come in because they know what they're going to get. They know how it's [recreationally] grown and what fertilizers are used," she said, "they don't just get what their black market dealer is selling. That's what people like about recreational marijuana."

White Rabbit got its name for three reasons — Teresa's last name, she loves Alice in Wonderland and the song White Rabbit. While there aren't any smoking caterpillars at White Rabbit, their staff will go above and beyond to ensure your next high would make even Alice jealous!