Western Cultured Concentrates

Western Cultured is best known for signature strains and quality flower, but we also offer some of the tastiest concentrates in Washington State. Our delicious strains will now be available in the form of CO2 extraction, processed by X-tracted and Pearl Extracts. 

X-Tracted uses light hydrocarbon extraction technology to produce some of the finest hash and hash oil products in the industry. With a  sterile, state-of-the-art laboratory, X-Tracted maintains the utmost care in production. Their team uses food-grade handling from start to finish. Additionally, they use N-Tane, a medical grade solvent, to ensure the finished product is virtually impurity free.

Pearl Extracts supplies pure CO2 concentrates for Washington State retailers, and the Seattle-based processor is defined by their clean and ecologically-sound approach. All flower used in Pearl oil is sourced from the most natural, pesticide-free cannabis gardens in the state, and each batch is strain-specific, so it contains no additives like vegetable oil, propylene glycol, or coconut oil. Harsh solvents and chemicals are also excluded. For flavor, Pearl distills plant terpenes and re-infuses them into their extracts, which adds flavor without using fillers. 

When it come to cartridges, temperature plays a key role in your vaping experience. It’s of the utmost importance to store cartridges in an upright position (meaning mouthpiece pointed toward the ceiling), and in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. When left in the sun or by a heat source, the concentrate inside can become too thin and begin to leak out. If left in a garage, or outside overnight, the material becomes cold, making it dense and difficult to vaporize. Also, the battery used with this product should be no greater than 4.2 Volts, and at least 280mAh.

SeaTown Lemon Haze’s fruity flavor profile, along with its imaginative, uplifting effects, has made it one of our most popular oil offerings. Other options include our Perma Frost, Jurassic OGK, Island Lavender and Cascade Connie. Full flavor profiles and descriptions of these strains can be found on our website.