Western Cultured Cannabis Ornaments

Looking for a last minute gift idea? Look no further than Western Cultured's cannabis ornaments, and light up your holiday.

Trim your tree with our trees. These 3.5g ornaments are available in Perma Frost, Kraken Black Pepper, SeaTown Lemon Haze, Dutch Treat, Island Lavender and Jurassic OGK. Our metallic Western Cultured sticker tells friends and family this gift is grown by a producer you know and love. Lastly, the matte-finish tag lets recipients know not to open this gift until December 25th!

Western Cultured craft cannabis ornaments are available at the following i502 retail establishments:

Naughty or nice, everyone loves cannabis for Christmas. Give the gift of green this season and light up the moment, but more importantly, light up the memories. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Disclaimer: These ornaments are for adults 21+ and should be kept out of reach from minors.