Wax Wednesday - X-Tracted

Take a dab of flavor for Wax Wednesday, as we feature one of our premier processors, X-Tracted.

X-Tracted uses light hydrocarbon extraction technology to produce some of the finest hash and hash oil products in the industry. With a  sterile, state-of-the-art laboratory, X-Tracted maintains the utmost care in production. Their team uses food-grade handling from start to finish. Additionally, they use N-Tane, a medical grade solvent, to ensure the finished product is virtually impurity free.

We toured their facility this summer and love working with these guys. X-Tracted strives to provide the highest quality concentrates in the world. Their team of visionaries, Ryan, Justin and Jim, have honed the extraction process to create shatters and waxes with unparalleled color, consistency, smell and taste.

Western Cultured's X-Tracted waxes are available in our corresponding strains. Take a spicy dab of Perma Frost and exhale its fresh eucalyptus notes. Looking for something sweeter? Our earthy Island Lavender tastes as good as it smells, and has been compared to gummy bears. What's your favorite wax and why?

Click here to find the retailer nearest you, then clean your dab rig and #LightUpTheMoment!