Retailers We Love - Urban Bud

This Friday, we feel thankful for Urban Bud, located in the heart of Tacoma. 

Urban Bud opened in January 2015, and previously served the community medically for three years as Rainier Wellness. Today they offer a variety of recreational cannabis products including flower, concentrates and edibles. We especially love their selection of glass, which looks more like art.

Legal weed is a new industry, so Urban Bud's staff are continuously learning. Errol Franada, buyer, says strategizing can be hard because things are always evolving but "it's always fun, I learn something new every day."

How does Urban Bud light up the moment? Errol prefers joints, because he loves the breakdown process and rolling it up with friends. In true Northwest fashion, he often lights up outdoors. "I like to smoke with views," Errol says, "I like going hiking, where there's beautiful scenery." 

Urban Bud is conveniently located steps from the Tacoma Dome, at the corner of Pacific and South 24th Street (snag an edible before your next concert!). They open at 10 AM, seven days a week, and close between 6 PM and 10 PM depending on the day. Stop by and score some Western Cultured cannabis. As Errol said, "We're urban buddies!"