Sensi Sweets Spiked Strawberry Mimosa

One of our favorite things about i502 is meeting all the amazing processors. A processor we love is Cleo LLC, of Omega Concentrates and Sensi Sweets. Their Sensi Sweets beverage line is so delicious it gave us an idea for a New Years Eve drink.

We sampled Sensi Sweets' Tropical Punch in medical and fell in love. These drinks have subtle cannabis undertones and could easily pass as regular juice, but they pack a spiked punch. Sensi Sweets kick in fast to provide users with a strong yet relaxing body high.

Sensi Sweets Spiked Strawberry Mimosa:

  • 1 part Sensi Sweets Strawberry Lemonade
  • 2 parts champagne
  • Garnish with fresh strawberries

Sensi Sweets beverages are amazing with and without champagne. Make sure to try all three flavors. We think Strawberry Lemonade pairs especially well with our SeaTown Lemon Haze.

Have a fun, safe new year and remember to #LightUpTheMoment. We'll see you in 2016!