Retailers We Love — Satori

Today's #RetailersWeLove, and a shop we're thankful for, is Satori in Spokane. This shop has a long history in the glass pipe world,  so we're excited about their transition to recreational cannabis.

Satori opened in August 2014, but their owner Justin Wilson, is a Spokane local who built the first Piece of Mind retail store 17 years ago. Today Piece of Mind has 12 locations across the northwest and supplies Satori with their selection of quality glass, that also doubles as art.

Satori sees a wide demographic of customers, but they're most excited about interactions with amazing stoners they didn't know existed. "I'm not talking about the deadlock guys at the parks," Daniel Wendling, General Manager says, "I'm talking about the guy who's 62, lives in South Hill, drives an F-150, but has been smoking for 40 years and no one knew until now."

Daniel describes recreational cannabis as a movement that's going to spread nationwide. He foresees cannabis being more prevalent in everyday society. "As more states product laws that allow for legalization, I see more people coming out," he said, "I see our country converting from alcohol to cannabis intake."

Daniel says the Satori team is stoked to have Western Cultured in their store, and customers come back to ask for it by name. We couldn't be more thankful for these kind words and loyal customers. 

Satori is located at 9301 N Division Street. They are open Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM, and Sundays 10 AM to 8 PM. While you're there, make sure to check out their Star Wars glass pipes!