Retailers We Love — Higher Leaf

If you're on the east side and searching for the best bud, look no further than Higher Leaf in Kirkland. This marijuana boutique has an assortment of high-quality flower, including your favorite strains from Western Cultured.

Higher Leaf opened in February 2015, and from product to purchasing environment, they’re  dedicated to curating a superior cannabis experience. A special emphasis is put on locally and sustainably grown product, which helps ensure every step of the production process meets their exacting standards.

So what strains take this team higher? "Either SeaTown Lemon Haze or Dutch Treat," Jake, the assistant manager, says, "because of the taste. Both have a nice pungent smell and they are loaded with terpenes."

Working in recreational cannabis is never a dull moment. Jake says his favorite thing about the industry is the people. "It's the happiest retail job there is," he says, "It's fun to work in a new market that brings people leisure and happiness."

Higher Leaf caters to newbies, marijuana mavens and everyone in between—they really have something for everyone! The shop is located at 12525 Willows Road NE, and their summer hours are 9AM to 11PM Sunday through Thursday, and 8AM to 11PM Friday and Saturday. Come see why Higher Leaf has so many satisfied regulars!