Wax Wednesday — Omega Concentrates

Today’s #WaxWednesday we’re proud to feature one of our processors, Omega Concentrates. This team of award winning extractors joined forces in 2015 to process expertly crafted concentrates.

Nineteen-time Cannabis Cup winning extraction artisans from A Greener Today Medical joined forces with 19-time, Cannabis Cup winning extraction artisans; Peace Oil to bring the i502 market Omega Concentrates. To process Western Cultured’s flower their team uses a hydrocarbon extraction method that combines medical grade butane (also known as n-Butane or ntane) and propane. 

Yevgeniy, Omega Concentrates’ Director, says his favorite Western Cultured wax is our SeaTown Lemon Haze. He describes it as a nice citrusy strain and says he loves the terpenes. How does Yevgeniy #LightUpTheMoment? “I enjoy smoking and cooking a meal and playing some Fall Out,” he says.

Western Cultured wax processed by Omega Concentrates is available in Perma Frost, SeaTown Lemon Haze, Jurassic OGK, Island Lavender and Cascade Connie. Click here to see a list of all our retailers. Not in your favorite shop? Ask them to carry Western Cultured’s Omega wax!