Retailers We Love - Mill Creek Natural Foods

If you're en route east on I-82, make a pit stop at Mill Creek Natural Foods, one of our retailers we love.

Mill Creek Natural Foods opened two years ago in Union Gap and is located underneath the community's well-known natural foods store. Upstairs customers buy organic products, vitamins and herbs, but for special herbs we suggest shopping downstairs, at their cannabis store. "Customers love our product selection and service," Amy, Mill Creek's buyer, said. "We work with loyal farms who sell exclusively to our store."

Amy's favorite Western Cultured strain is Perma Frost, since she's partial to hybrids or indica dominant strains. While Perma Frost is a sativa dominant, it's crossed with Trainwreck, an indica, which Amy says keeps her focused. She lights up the moment with her double perc bubbler purchased at Avalon in Bellingham (Amy only buys local glass!) and cures her munches with Reeses Big Cups.

There are lots of amazing things about employment in i502. What's Amy's favorite? "Everything really." She says. "Your clients almost become your friends, you get to talk about plants with amazing benefits and the samples are nice too!"

Mill Creek Natural Foods' future is filled with growth. They are taking a new direction, while still maintaining the selection and service Union Gap has grown to love. Mill Creek Natural Foods is located at 4315 Main Street and closed on Sundays, so stock up on your weekend stash early.