Meet Us Monday — Quentin

This #MeetUsMonday we want you to meet Quentin, one of our Trim Associates with a long history in the cannabis industry.

Quentin started with Western Cultured in May 2015 but has a past filled with plants. He earned a masters in Biological Psychology specializing in population genetics. Post-masters, Quentin worked for two years in finance, then transitioned to cannabis. "After enough stress and drama I decided to be a trimmer," he said, "it's not as much money, but a lot more fun."

For 11 years Quentin lived in Humboldt County working as a general grow assistant and trimming. During this time, he also ran a hydroponic agriculture company growing spinach and tomatoes in Pennsylvania. Quentin would video conference with staff to track plants

Today Quentin lives in Arlington with his wife and son and works at a job he loves. He says his favorite thing about working here is the people. "It's a fun crowd, everyone is really relaxed and no stress," he said, "when you wake up in the morning you look forward to going to work... It's the first time I've ever had a job like that."

Quentin apprehensively admitted how he lights up the moment, and we think many parents secretly agree. "I smoke then play Matchbox cars with my 2-year-old son," he said, "I think it's great, he thinks it's great, and we entertain each other for hours."