Meet Us Monday — Nicole

This #MeetUsMonday we're introducing Nicole, who left her corporate career to pursue a passion for pot.

A recent addition to the garden team, Nicole helps clone, transplant, trim, harvest, weigh, clean, create water lines and assist in the grow as needed. She is a self-described healer and feels the cannabis industry is her calling.  "It doesn't feel like a job," Nicole said. "It feels like I'm coming here to learn every day."

Nicole's favorite strains are Island Lavender and SeaTown Lemon Haze. Lavender helps her sleep, but SeaTown Lemon Haze is her go-to for a sativa. Speaking of sativas, Nicole jump starts her morning with a little SLH, coffee and yoga flow. 

When Nicole isn't working in cannabis, she's working with it to make homemade body products. Her most commonly used hand salve contains CBD from personal plants, cayenne and capsaicin. "I'll even chop up the stems to get more CBD," she said. "There's healing in all of my products."

Nicole envisions the future of cannabis sold in prescription bottles to replace prescription drugs. She would also like to see joints replace cigarettes for a healthier, happier world.