Meet Us Monday — Nick

This Meet Us Monday we’re excited to introduce Nick, our newest garden team associate. 

Nick’s favorite thing about employment at Western Cultured is being a part of history. For years he’s dreamt of cannabis legalization in a responsible and professional manner. He feels inspired to work with a team that shares this vision.

Nick loves to light up his moment with SeaTown Lemon Haze dabs before the dog park. “It’s a solid sativa and sativas are my favorite,” he said. “The flavor also, I like it a lot. It’s so good I can’t put it into words.”

After a back injury, Nick hopes the future of cannabis will involve more studies on its medicinal benefits. “I broke my back in 2013 and went completely clean from pharmaceutical narcotics by using topical creams and medicinal marijuana,” he said. “I believe they’re going to find more remedies cannabis can be used for as alternative or holistic medicine.”