Meet Us Monday - Kelsey

It's #MeetUsMonday, and we want you to meet one of our Processing Associates, Kelsey. She joined our team in September and works with Processing to package and trim.

Kelsey's favorite strain "has to be the SeaTown Lemon Haze," she says, "because every time I get a face-full from the curing bucket, it hits you right in the face."

How does Kelsey #LightUpTheMoment? She's a self-described scenic toker who is known to take her dab rig to the mountains. "That's my favorite," she says, "but I do like our pre-rolls. That's a nice quick way, whether you're out and about or with friends."

Kelsey's favorite thing about working at Western Cultured is, "the group of people we're surrounded with. Everyone is just so great to be around, there's just a positive vibe coming in here."

We'd agree, and she's part of that positivity. Kelsey always comes to the warehouse wearing a smile. She works hard and is willing to lend a hand wherever the team may need. We are lucky to have her as part of Western Cultured's crew!