Meet Us Monday - Jeff

This Meet Us Monday we want you to meet Jeff, one of our Processing Associates. Jeff has been with Western Cultured since our startup days and two months ago transitioned to full-time.

Jeff's favorite thing about working at Western Cultured is the people. Ok, and maybe the product. "It's such  relaxed environment and I get to work with nugs. I love nugs," he said, "and definitely the people for sure, I feel like it's a family."

Being so hands-on with the buds, you think Jeff would have a favorite strain. He says it's hard to pick a favorite between his top two — SeaTown Lemon Haze and Dutch Treat. Jeff loves our SeaTown Lemon Haze because it's fun to trim and has a great taste. However he describes the Dutch Treat as a "delicious fruity taste I love to smoke."

Jeff likes to light up outdoors, preferably Discovery Park. He says he likes to hang out on the bluffs, hit his pipe, walk the dogs and enjoy nature.

While the future of cannabis is uncertain, Jeff foresees Seattle being the new Amsterdam of cannabis culture. Wherever the future leads us, we're excited to have Jeff as part of our team!