Meet Us Monday - Dakota

This #MeetUsMonday we're happy to introduce Dakota, one of our Garden Associates. 

Dakota has been with Western Cultured for over three months where he helps to clone, prune, transplant, load rooms, takedown rooms and any other necessary garden duties. Dakota says his favorite garden activity is pruning. "I love to be up in the plant and that's where you help really get the plant where it needs to be," he says, "that's where all the action's at, really."

It's tough to pick a favorite strain, but Dakota says his top two are SeaTown Lemon Haze and Perma Frost. Even before working at Western Cultured, Dakota loved smoking Perma Frost. As for our SeaTown Lemon Haze, "just the smell, taste and high are all top notch," he says.

Dakota rocks. Literally. He lights up his moments by smoking a bowl and playing guitar. Dakota describes the creativity connection he gets while playing music high. "It connects things in my brain I wouldn't normally think of, especially creativity-wise," he says, "it helps me take my work even further and progress."

Dakota's parents don't smoke, but they're supportive of his career. At 19 he told his parents he wanted to grow weed for a living. "None of my family smokes, except my grandpa, who recently started for medical purposes," he says, "but my family knows its legal and they just want me to do what makes me happy."

It's apparent working at Western Cultured makes Dakota happy. He comes to work every day wearing a huge smile and we're so happy to have him on our team!