Meet Us Monday - Chris

This #MeetUsMonday we're excited to introduce Chris, our Packaging and Processing Lead.

Chris started with Western Cultured in September and quickly advanced to lead. As one of our leads, Chris ensures "everybody has their chores to do," he said, "buckets weighed out, getting product for the team to process, changing nitrogen tanks and transporting product as needed."

Chris' favorite thing about working at Western Cultured is the environment. "The product, the people, just the whole atmosphere," he said, "we have a good team and a great place to work."

Since he's so hands-on with all our bud, we're curious what strain Chris likes best. "My favorite strain is the SeaTown Lemon Haze, probably's always in my face," he laughs, "then again, I'm an equal opportunity pot smoker."

Chris likes to toke up outdoors, and living in the national forest, we can't blame him! "I love sitting out doors. I'll sit back and light up by the mountains," he said," or go to the river, which is five minutes from my house."

In February Chris will earn his Associates Degree in IT. He plans to continue for another two years, "just to have my degree," he says, "then I can help out even more, maybe with inventory or setting up a network."

If you're on Mass Roots, add Chris as one of your buds!