Meet Us Monday — Brandon

This #MeetUsMonday we're introducing Brandon, the newest member of our garden team.

Brandon's started in the garden at a young age, when he worked summer nursery jobs for the Stillaguamish Tribe. He joined the Western Cultured team two months ago and helps with every step in the grow process, from clone to harvest.

How does Brandon light up the moment? That depends on the moment. "After a long day of work I generally come home, get my bong, load a bowl with my roommate and sit in the kitchen before we eat dinner," he said.

Brandon's favorite strains are Cascade Connie or SeaTown Lemon Haze. For indicas, Brandon loves Connie due to its "heavy hitting, calming high." If he wants flavor that lasts, Brandon grabs the SLH. "The lemon is so pungent with fruitiness, it's some of the most delicious weed I've had," he said. "From the very last toke in my pipe I could taste the lemon."

When asked about the future of cannabis, Brandon foresees it removed from Section 1 by the end of this year. "We'll hopefully see a lot more of the country come together to cultivate this plant," he said. "In my eyes it will help the economy and produce more tax revenue."