Meet Us Monday - Austin

This #MeetUsMonday we're introducing Austin, a Processing Associate who has been with Western Cultured since the startup days.

Austin started almost a year ago, where she assisted with garden and processing. Today Austin mostly trims and is a whiz at rolling joints. What's her favorite thing about working at Western Cultured? "I love to get hands-on with a product I use often," Austin said. "Seeing the whole cycle from birth to harvest."

When Austin isn't studying for her degree in family and marriage therapy, she lights up the moment with a joint while walking her dog in Discovery Park. Her go-to strain is Dutch Treat. Austin describes the high as giddy and flavor delicious. "Dutch Treat is slightly fruity and a little savory," she says. "Not too musky or earthy."

Austin thinks the industry's fast growth will create endless opportunities for the recreational cannabis community. We certainly hope so, and we're happy to have her on board for the ride!