Meet Us Monday — Art

It's #MeetUsMonday, so we're introducing Art, the newest addition to our processing team. Art started with Western Cultured in May and assists with trimming and packaging.

Playing with pot all day is a real treat. So what's Art's favorite thing about working here? "The environment," he said, "my co-workers, how everyone gets along, it's a happy environment to work in."

Art lights up the moment differently depending on the time of day. If it's night, he'll take dabs before bed. Daytime smoking is best outdoors. "I'll light up with my wife while the kids are sleeping," he said, "we have a great view of the mountains and river, there's always eagles flying around."

Where does Art see the future of cannabis? Considering the longevity and benefits of hemp, he envisions a world with more hemp products. Art also sees the industry becoming more environmentally conscious. "Ten years ago no one thought weed would be legal," he said, "give it another ten years and they'll be cultivating hemp for fibers, fuel and more."