Meet Us Monday - Amber

It's #MeetUsMonday and we want you to meet Amber, one of our Processing Associates.

Amber joined our team in August and assists with trimming, processing and packaging. She loves the openness of Western Cultured and how tasks vary from day-to-day. "My favorite thing is to be where I'm needed," she says.

It's tough to pick a favorite strain, but Amber's top two are the Jurassic OGK and SeaTown Lemon Haze. She loves the OGK for an everyday strain, as it relaxes her brain and body. However, when Amber needs an uplifting strain, she calls our SLH her "motivation."

How does Amber #LightUpTheMoment? "Usually by myself," she laughs. "I'm a bong person, or joints too."

Amber's favorite thing about working at Western Cultured is the atmosphere. "I love it," she says. "Just being a part of this amazing opportunity, it's very welcoming, warm and lots of positive energy."

Amber's positive energy is a great contribution to the Western Cultured crew and we're lucky to have her on our processing team!