Macro Monday

It's just another #MacroMonday, and while we wish it was Sunday, it's always a fun day at Western Cultured. Today we take a closer look at Dutch Treat, a delicious sour sativa with fruity notes. 

Western Cultured's Dutch Treat is a winning strain. Literally. This cutting is from our medical days and received the 2013 DOPE Cup Awards (Medical) Winner for Highest THC, 2013 MMJ Cup Awards (Medical) Winner for Highest THC and 2014 DOPE Cup Awards (Medical) Winner for Best Sativa Flower. 

Dutch Treat genetics are shrouded in mystery. This strain originated in Amsterdam and was popular in Europe before coming to the States (legally, we're sure). Some smokers guess it's a cross between Northern Lights and Jack Herrer, while others think it's Northern Lights, Skunk and Afghani.

Likewise, there's some debate about whether Dutch Treat is an indica or sativa. We believe its a sativa based on the thin, spear-shaped leaves; long, stretchy plant; later than usual flowering time and most importantly; the zippy, euphoric effect.

We hope you're ready to pass that Dutch, because it's available in stores now. Make sure to locate our goods by clicking here and if you're on social media, don't forget to #LightUpTheMoment!