Retailers We Love — Hashtag

Today Western Cultured is happy to feature Hashtag, a beautiful open-space recreational shop near Gasworks Park. 

Hashtag's name came from their high-tech store manager, who thought it was a clever twist (and culturally relevant) for the cannabis industry. Opened on 4/20/2015, Hashtag prides itself on offering the best selection of flower, concentrates, edibles and paraphernalia. 

A large portion of Hashtag's staff comes from the medical industry. "We are very well versed in being able to describe products for their benefits, without pushing boundaries as far as the WSLCB is concerned," said Michael Carter, buyer.

Freedom and excitement are common feelings working in recreational cannabis. Michael describes the happiness he feels to be a part of history. "I'm excited to get to an old age and have conversations with my grandkids," he says, "describing to them the exciting role I played in changing history."

Carter sees the future of cannabis being legal worldwide, with medical only a small portion of the industry. He compared recreational cannabis to the liquor or wine industry, saying "it should be treated at that level or a lesser form if things move forward."

Hashtag is open seven days a week, Sunday to Wednesday from 10 AM to 9 PM, and Thursday to Saturday 10 AM to 11 PM. They are conveniently located on Stone Way, between the Fremont Troll and Gasworks Park, four blocks from the water. You can't miss the purple building!