Retailers We Love — Ganja Goddess

Are you looking for cannabis to heighten your consciousness? Stop by Ganja Goddess, one of our #RetailersWeLove, in Seattle's soda district. We spoke with Jason, a Ganja Goddess manager, about his favorite Western Cultured strains, the future of cannabis and how he lights up the moment.

Ganja Goddess opened in November of 2014. While the owner and some employees have experience in medical, Ganja Goddess did not operate medically. Ganja Goddess is of course a business, but they also believe in fostering a more positive relationship with cannabis, making it accessible to everyone whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced with this amazing plant.

Jason's favorite Western Cultured strain is our SeaTown Lemon Haze. He said it proved stronger than the THC percentage suggested (heck yeah!), but the high was clear and blissful. "The nugs look healthy and are covered in trichomes," he said, "the smell is matched by its lemony flavor. Ten out of ten!"

Wake, bake and yoga are part of Jason's morning routine. He wakes up every morning with a puff or two, usually from a high CBD strain, and does morning yoga followed by some calisthenics. After a short meditation, Jason says his day has begun!

Jason describes the community value of working in recreational cannabis and says every sale is a testament towards changing attitudes. He sees cannabis as a gateway drug. "A gateway to furthered human evolution. We know this plant can be used for many things," he says, "when we are able to fully realize and implement this plant into society, we will see great change and improvement for all life on the planet."