Flower Crown DIY

Festival season is in full swing flower and crowns are all the rage. We took put some 420 flair on our flower crown and used cannabis leaves. This flower crown DIY is so simple, you could do it with your eyes closed (or at least really bloodshot).

Materials Needed: floral tape, ribbon, floral stem wire (coated wire works best), foliage, flowers, garden wire and Western Cultured cannabis (we prefer sativas for crafting).

Step 1: Create your crown using floral stem wire. We wrapped two pieces together. Feel free to keep the back ends apart, or make them easy to separate.

Step 2: Take two or three leaf cuttings and two or three floral cuttings. Make a boutonnière (AKA a tiny bouquet) and wrap the stem with floral tape. When making your boutonnière, take into consideration how you want the flowers to sit on your crown. Also make sure to hold the boutonnière together when wrapping floral tape, so your arrangement doesn't change shape. Make as many boutonnières as needed to fill your flower crown. We made nine.

Step 3: Smoke a bowl and get that creative energy flowing!

Step 4: At each end of your flower crown, bend the floral stem wire to create an eyelet.

Step 5: Organize your boutonnières to get an idea of how you want the crown to look.

Step 6: Tie ribbon to the floral stem wire eyelets. Leave enough ribbon to tie a bow. This allows for some flexibility with sizing. Use a lighter and carefully burn the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't run. You'd hate for your flower crown to fall apart at the festival!

Step 7: This is the most important step! Face the boutonnière stem away from the eyelet and tie garden wire around it. Place your next boutonnière so that its foliage and flowers cover the stem of your previous boutonnière. Spacing is key, so double check your layout if needed. It's much easier to check spacing, than untie the garden wire and reposition boutonnières (speaking from personal experience here). Repeat this step until your crown is completed.

Congratulations, you've just finished your flower crown DIY. Keep it in the fridge for maximum freshness before the festival. Have a blast, smoke responsibly and be prepared for lots of inquiries about your cannabis crown!