Cooking and Cannabis Pairings

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so we want to offer a couple cooking and cannabis pairings even your grandma would love!

Our Perma Frost pairs well with this easy corn casserole. The spicy eucalyptus notes add a little kick to the cornmeal.

Looking for something a little more couch potato oriented? Our earthy Jurassic OGK is a heavy indica, and will put you to sleep after a hearty scoop of Ranch Mashed Potatoes.

No Thanksgiving is complete without apple pie, but we love a little lavender with ours. Island Lavender dabs, with wax processed by X-tracted, are guaranteed to bring on the munchies, no matter how much turkey you ate. Island Lavender Perfect Apple Pie, now that's a dessert to be thankful for!

What are some of your favorite cooking and cannabis pairings? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!