Retailers We Love — Bud Nation

Today we're thankful for our buds at Bud Nation. While this shop carries a vast selection of cannabis products and paraphernalia, they are most known for their friendly budtenders.

Whether it's a strong sativa or couch locking indica, Bud Nation's knowledgeable staff can help you find a product that fits your needs. Demetrois, Bud Nation's manager, prefers our Perma Frost.  "It's got a smooth taste," he said, "I smoked it for an indica, but it's a nice sativa hybrid."

Looking for something a little more sour? "SeaTown Lemon Haze gives you a nice energetic sativa high, and it's tasty," said budtender David.

Bud Nation doesn't like to smoke alone, and we can't blame them. "I normally like to roll a blunt and smoke with people," Demetrois said, "I don't like to smoke alone."

With Western Cultured's two-pack pre-rolls, you don't have to smoke alone. These are best shared with friends!

Bud Nation opens at 10 AM seven days a week. They are located in the heart of the White Center Business District. Stop by, snag some cannabis and peruse the shops on this fun block!