Retailers We Love - BelMar

Today we feature another shop that's been with us since day one — BelMar. This Bellevue marijuana store has ample parking, a wide selection of products and specialized staff ready to assist with your purchase.

BelMar opened on February 12 and staff pride themselves on top-notch customer service. "We make sure everyone feels welcome," Alex Nguyen, sales manager, said, "we want to step away from the stoner stigma."

Totally understandable, but this is cannabis. How does the BelMar team light up the moment? Alex said budtenders love dabs and joints, so the trend right now is twax joints. What is twax? It's a joint with shatter or oil rolled out, then wrapped around the tip. Western Cultured currently has wax and pre-rolls available at BelMar, so you can make twax joints yourself!

While the industry is ever changing, Alex said his favorite thing about it is "meeting people from all walks of life that come through. We're all working together towards our goals."

BelMar is conveniently located on 116th Ave NE, near I-405 in a bright green building. They are open 8 AM to midnight Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to midnight Saturday and Sunday. Ask for Western Cultured and BelMar's team will help pick the best product to suit your needs!