Baked at Mt. Baker

Winter is here, so light up your season! The Western Cultured crew road tripped to Mount Baker a couple weeks back for a frigid photo shoot.

We trekked through the snow and found a smoke spot overlooking Grant Peak. Chrysta and Jilleen sparked up one of Western Cultured's half-gram pre-rolls while taking in the view. These kief laden joints come in a two-pack and are perfect to share on any mountain adventure. 

With temperatures below freezing, we layered up in our new Western Cultured hoodies. These beauties come red, yellow, green and blue (and black too!), to correspond with our flavor wheel. This cotton-poly sweatshirt is so soft, you'll practically live in it all winter. Stay tuned, because Western Cultured will have these for sale soon!

While we kept warm, our camera didn't. After two joints and 30 minutes, the sensor froze thus stopped working. Our in-house photog withheld tears as golden hour hit the glacier. We looked on the bright side (hey, at least we got the ad shot we needed), snapped a few iPhone photos and sparked another joint.

Here's where the story gets good.

Three girls in funky apparel taking snow photos is always a sight, but especially so at Mount Baker. Avalanche patrol stopped to inquire about our attire. We told them about Western Cultured, our shoot and the camera difficulties. They offered us a place to warm up over a beer. Offer accepted.

We talked, laughed, drank and smoked in a little cabin at the top of the mountain. The guys loved our earthy Jurassic OGK. We loved feeling our feet again. This unexpected invite resulted in unforgettable memories.

After some time passed, we hit the road to head home. We made quick a pitstop in Glacier for dinner. Unfortunately the mountain descent is without cell reception. Windy roads in pitch darkness can result in a wrong turn, and that's what we did. We found ourselves in Sumas near the Canadian border. I guess we really wanted to maximize our trip.

Despite technical difficulties and a minor detour, we always have a blast. We'll deem our day at Mount Baker a success!