Meet Us Monday - Alix

It's #MeetUsMonday, and we want you to meet Alix, one of our Processing Associates.

Alix is new to the Western Cultured team, but has previous trim and processing experience. We saw her talent for rolling joints, so if you've purchased one of joint packs, chances are she rolled them.

One of Alix's favorite things about Western Cultured is our awesome team. "This my first job where every person I work with, we're all open minded, we all like to smoke cannabis recreationally," she said,  "it makes me feel comfortable and pulls away from that stigma where you don't talk about it."

Selecting a favorite strain is hard, but Alix loves our SeaTown Lemon Haze. She describes it as a classic "get up and go" sativa feeling. "It always makes me feel really motivated, be it creatively, to do chores or go on a hike," Alix said.

Alix prefers to light up her moment with water, whether it's water pipes or dab rigs, but her favorite piece is the self-named Green Goddess (come on, who else has named their bong!?). 

What's next for Alix?  "I'm really excited for all the things we get to do in the winter coming up," she said, "snowboarding is a big one, I'm excited to smoke and hit the slopes."

We are too Alix, we'll see you there!