Meet Us Monday - Shivhan

This #MeetUsMonday, Western Cultured is excited to introduce our Trim Lead, Shivhan.

Shivhan started with us five months ago and recently became our Trim Lead. Her hard work and attention to detail makes Shivhan an asset to the Western Cultured crew.

Since Shivhan is literally hands-on with all our strains, we wanted to know her favorite. "Jurassic OGK," she said, "the smell reminds me of fresh coffee and it makes me really creative."

A close second for her favorite strain is Connie Chung. Shivhan describes it as a really smooth smoke and "it's so kief-y!"

Shivhan prefers to smoke flower from the bong, especially on her porch at night while watching the stars.

What's her favorite thing about working at Western Cultured? "It's never a dull day," she says, "whether it's Workout Wednesday or Candy Friday."

When asked to describe Western Cultured she says, "We're like a family, we all have each other's back. I've never had an employer that I'm excited to wake up and go to work every day."

Thanks Shivhan, we're excited to have you on our team!