Retailers We Love — Herbal Nation

This Thursday we're thankful for one of Washington State's first stores, Herbal Nation in Bothell.

Herbal Nation opened in October 2014 and has witnessed the transformation in customers' perceptions of pot. "We were the second store in the Seattle area, so a lot of people were sketched out at first," Dani Greathouse, Operations Manager, said, "Now when we see customers, it's like we're friends."

Herbal Nation, no surprise, envisions legal weed nationwide. Dani hopes we'll transition towards Colorado's model and merge medical with recreational. "We call ourselves Herbal Nation, because as more states legalize, we hope to expand nationally," she said, "but maintain that family run demographic."

How does Dani  light up the moment? She reads a lot, so after work usually gets home, dabs and opens a book. Dani is re-reading the Harry Potter series, "which is fun high because you get in a magical world," she said, "It's fun the stuff you catch."

When asked for final thoughts, Dani says Western Cultured is customer favorite, for both the high quality and fair price point. Awe, you're making these buds blush!

Herbal Nation is located on the Bothell-Everett Highway between 192nd Street and 194th Street.  They are open Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM, and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM.