Ladies Night Done Right

Wine, weed and one helluva cheese platter — that's ladies night done right. A few staff spent Wednesday night by the Stilaguamish River to soak up the sun, drink Washington State wine and roll Western Cultured cannabis in our Futurola Tommy Chong papers. 

We started our evening lounging riverside, sipping wine, sharing stories and watching the sunset. A couple ladies explored upstream while others rolled joints. Once the sun went behind the mountains, we migrated to the house.

Patty, one of our staff's sisters, pulled a fresh batch of special cookies out of the oven. When you're an adult, you can eat dessert before dinner. So we did.

Other ladies assembled a cheese tray that would rival an Italian restaurant. We noshed on brie, mozzarella, goat cheese, avocado, tomatoes and grapes. Who's got the munchies? This crew.

As the sun sank, our drinks transitioned from wine to liquor. The bowls kept getting packed as our laughs echoed in the wilderness. We shared stories until midnight, then rolled out sleeping bags to crash under the stars.

We might be tired tomorrow, but tonight was ladies night done right.