A Super Moon at Mt. Pilchuck

Last night the Western Cultured crew hiked Mt. Pilchuck to watch the super moon eclipse. This hike has been on our radar, so what better location to watch an eclipse rise?

Mt. Pilchuck is a stunning hike. The geology, pun intended, rocks. Leaves have started to turn orange, adding pops of color to an otherwise green trail. The elevation isn't realized until you come around the last bend and see granite cliffs. Even still, we pushed the envelope and climbed to the furthest peak, unsure if the pit in our stomachs was vertigo or a strong connection to mother nature.

No hike is complete without Western Cultured cannabis. We tested new Kraken Black Pepper joints (coming soon) and took dabs in the wild. Yes, one of our staff carried his dab rig all the way up!

As the sun set, the moon rose. It started out a faint sliver and gradually grew wider as the moon got higher. Unfortunately we didn't stay for the entire eclipse. At that elevation, it gets cold when the sun goes down! 

We put on our headlamps and descended the mountain, with a little extra light from the moon. Other hikers followed suit, and from the base of the mountain little headlamps looked like ants dotting the trail. We reached our car just in time to catch the end of the eclipse, and by the drive home the moon turned red. 

Mt. Pilchuck is one for the record books and a must for any Pacific Northwest hiker. Who knows, maybe next time we'll bring sleeping bags and camp in the lookout tower?